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OPTOKON, a.s. is a leading global organization providing connectivity and infrastructure solutions for organizations of all sizes. OPTOKON, an ISO 9000 approved company provides complete networking solutions unrivalled within the industry today. OPTOKON was founded in 1991 with its headquarters in Jihlava in the Czech Republic.

Products and services

Test Equipment Test Equipment Test Equipment
Light Source, Power Meter and Loss Test SetFTTX 830 seriesPOF Testers
Talk SetsVisible PensSoftware SmartProtocol
Mini OTDR & CWDM AnalyzerLaunch cable

The OPTOKON range of high quality handheld test and measurement instruments enables fiber optic technicians and engineers to reduce work times and improve performance by using compact, portable top quality tools. Lightweight, easy to learn and use, these top selling instruments include power meters, light sources and loss test sets in both standard and ruggedized versions.

Ruggedized Harsh Environmental Data Network Ruggedized Harsh Environmental Data Network Ruggedized Harsh Environmental Data Network
Ruggedized Industry Data Network DevicesRuggedized ConnectorsRuggedized Patchcords
Cable DrumsRuggedized Test EquipmentTools
Cable Closures

OPTOKON caters to its global base of system users through the design and implementation of harsh environmental optical networks. Leveraging extensive experience gained through development phase and system deployment in the armed forces of over 20 countries, OPTOKON manufactures a portfolio of cable assemblies using expanded beam connectors and a full range of ruggedized products specifically designed for use in harsh environments.


OPTOKONcept is the complete FTTH turnkey solution for broadband connectivity providing users with high-speed unlimited bandwidth and services directly in their own homes and premises. This technology requires the installation of new transmission, wiring, and receiving infrastructure networks to provide users with voice, video and telephony services.

OPTOKON, a.s. and ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd are pleased to announce that on JUNE 12, 2013 the ELTEX – OPTOKON Alliance was founded to realize mutual research, development, manufacturing and sales of telecommunication equipment in European countries, Near East, Africa and USA.

OPTOKONcept je kompletní FTTH řešení na klíč pro širokopásmové připojení. Poskytuje uživatelům neomezenou šířku pásma a vysokorychlostní služby přímo v jejich vlastních bytech a provozovnách. Tato technologie vyžaduje instalaci nové přenosové infrastruktury pro poskytnutí hlasových , video a telefonních služeb uživatelům .

OPTOKON, as a ELTEX Enterprise, Ltd s potěšením oznamuje, že dne 12.06.2013 byla založena ELTEX - OPTOKON Alliance k realizaci vzájemného výzkumu, vývoje, výroby a prodeje telekomunikačních zařízení v evropských zemích, Blízkého východu, Afriky a USA.

Data Network Equipment Data Network Equipment Data Network Equipment
Stand Alone Media ConvertersTransceiversIndustrial fiber
Multi-Service Platform FRM220Gateway & Set Top BoxesVideo Converters
Optical ModemsGPONGEPON
Network MonitoringWi-Fi

OPTOKON connects businesses with its highly cost effective and simple to deploy range of data network equipment. The large assortment provides outstanding value, high performance and exceptional reliability. OPTOKON manufactures data network products specifically designed to help companies increase price performance ratios and improve data management in virtualized environments.

Passive Components for Fiber Optic Networks Passive Components for Fiber Optic Networks Passive Components for Fiber Optic Networks
Fiber Optic ConnectorsStandard Patchcord & PigtailsSFF Patchcords & Pigtails
Ribon Patchcords & PigtailsSpecial PatchcordsAdapters
Bare Fiber AdaptersFixed AttenuatorsVariable Attenuators
TerminatorsLoopback AttenuatorsSpecial

Passive components are the foundation stone of optical network systems. OPTOKON began manufacturing its extensive range of passive optical network components over 20 years ago; many of these components can now be found in today’s data networks and FTTH applications. To meet the ever increasing requirements of passive optical networks (PON), OPTOKON designs, develops and manufacturers innovative and customized solutions that comply with international standards and meet the ever increasing demands of passive optical networks (PON) for the highest optical and mechanical specifications.

Couplers, WDM, CWDM, DWDM Couplers, WDM, CWDM, DWDM Couplers, WDM, CWDM, DWDM
Couplers, SplittersWavelength Division Multiplexers

OPTOKON manufactures an extensive range of reliable and field proven fiber optic components designed to increase system capacity. To be cost effective, these compact solutions assist service providers, dark fiber developers and enterprises to increase fiber capacity while keeping growth flexibility and high ROI. By providing the necessary platforms for a smooth and effective transition into optical networks they fulfill high bandwidth needs while cutting implementation, upkeep and growth costs.

Optical Distribution Frames and Cable Closures Optical Distribution Frames and Cable Closures Optical Distribution Frames and Cable Closures

OPTOKON manufactures comprehensive ber optic cable management systems delivering high performance solutions for passive network installations. OPTOKON systems meet today’s requirements for tomorrow’s applications. These advanced modular ber optic systems include the full range of passive components for singlemode and multimode applications that when combined, provide complete solutions for today’s applications, and maximize physical infrastructure performance, reliability, modularity and scalability.

Calibration Laboratory Calibration Laboratory Calibration Laboratory

Established in 1999, the OPTOKON calibration laboratory is an on-site, independent laboratory offering a comprehensive range of metrological services in the field of fiber optic calibration, verification, measurement and consultation. The laboratory helps our customers to comply with the steadily increasing requirements for product and service quality and reliability. Calibration services were accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute in accordance with ISO 17025 standard (listed as calibration laboratory No. 2315) in 2003. The laboratory also provides a fast and nondestructive screening of materials and products for conformity with EU directives 2202/95/EC (RoHS) and 2002/96/EC (WEEE) and the outsourcing of metrological services.

Service Center Service Center Service Center

The OPTOKON Service Center repairs and services measuring instruments and equipment designed for fiber optics. The OPTOKON Service Center and OPTOKON Calibration Laboratory together offer a comprehensive metrological and service solution in the field of fiber optics.

Optical Fibers and Cables Optical Fibers and Cables Optical Fibers and Cables

With over 20 years experience in the fiber optic industry, OPTOKON is well placed to offer a comprehensive range of optical fibers and cables to fulfill all requirements. The portfolio includes an extensive range of standard optical and plastic fiber, military tactical cable and cables specifically designed for FTTx use. Whatever the size of your project, OPTOKON provides cables and fibers with high-performance, durability and longevity.

Fusion Splicers and Fiber Optic Tools Fusion Splicers and Fiber Optic Tools Fusion Splicers and Fiber Optic Tools
Fusion Splicers & CleaversSplice & Maintenance tool kitMicroscope

OPTOKON provides a range of fusion splicers and cleavers for use in the field, core networks, access networks and LAN and can support with training where required. OPTOKON tool kits provide technicians with high quality tools essential to complete the tasks required for installation, maintenance and termination of fiber optic cable, complete with ruggedized tool cases.

OPTOKON is partner of VYTRAN
Vytran was founded in 1989 to develop and manufacture new technologies for optical fiber fusion splicing. Today, we are a leader in reliable, precision equipment for splicing, assembly and glass processing in custom fabrication and high-volume manufacture applications. Available in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia.

Polishing Technology Polishing Technology Polishing Technology
Polishing MachinesAdhesive Curing OvenPolishing Discs & Jigs
Termination Kits

As a major component manufacturer, OPTOKON is well aware that the quality of a terminated fiber optic connector depends on the polishing process applied so duly provides advanced polishing machines entirely suitable for mass production. The range of polishing machines is complemented by polishing disks and jigs, adhesive curing ovens and the unique OPTOKON fast cure termination kits using standard zirconia ferrule technology and proven rapid cure adhesive.