WST.TE.HDTV SMPTE Hybrid cable checker

WST.TE.HDTV SMPTE Hybrid cable checker

Made exclusively for LEMO 

The WST HYBRID CABLE CHECKER set consists of an SMPTE measuring unit and an SMPTE loopback. The hybrid cable checker is designed for testing optical power level in optical fibers and the continuity of copper pairs in hybrid cables. It combines an optical light source, optical detector, and copper wires checker. 
It is ideal for testing large spaces of the LEMO SMPTE Hybrid System for Broadcast Infrastructure Networks. The ruggedized aluminium case makes the unit ideal for field operation. The Lithium rechargeable battery ensures long term working with minimum operating costs.

WST.TE.HDTV SMPTE Hybrid cable checker
  • Power charging adaptor
  • Carrying case
  • USB Cable
  • Hybrid cables – fiber optic and Cu pairs checking
  • LED quick signalization
  • Automatic operation check of all fibers and wires
  • Detects incorrect fiber and wire connection, disconnection and short circuit connection
  • Built-in charger, battery status indicator

Optical Light Source:



1310 nm

typ. value

Output power

-6.0 dBm

typ. value


Optical Power Meter:


1 mm InGaAs


Working wavelengths

1300 nm

can be customized




Dynamic range

-40 dBm to +5 dBm



Electrical wires checking:

  • Electrical wires continuity

  • Short circuit 

  • Isolation

  • Electrical contacts – pins interconnection

Quick LED check:
Green      OK normal operational status
Orange    Warning: fiber out of limit, wires OK, copper wires problem, fiber OK
Red          Failure: copper wires problem, IL of optical fiber is out limit

General specifications:


150 x 45 x 45 mm  measuring unit
65 x 45 x 45 mm    loop back
330 x 250 95 mm   case

without connectors
without connectors



1.9 kg

Complete set with case

Temperature operating
Temperature  storage
Humidity (non condensing)

-10 to +50 °C
-40 to +70 °C
0 to 95%


IP rating

IP 54


Battery working time

> 20 hrs

between battery charging

  • Broadcast Infrastructure networks measurements
  • SMPTE compatible HDTV system

Part number:
SMPTE Hybrid Cable Checker Set    

complete set with options
WST HYBRID CABLE CHECKER SMPTE main unit and loopback 

  SMPTE cabling check: