28. 2. 2022

The OPTOKON Group and SAMM Teknoloji Announce Partnership for the FOTAS Fiber Sensing System 

Czech Republic & Turkey – February 28, 2022

The OPTOKON Group with its headquarters in the Czech Republic and SAMM Teknoloji of Turkey are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the fiber optic based distributed acoustic sensing system FOTAS.

SAMM Teknoloji and OPTOKON Elektronik, the subsidiary of the OPTOKON Group, will be in a technology and product development partnership for mission-critical applications as well as providing business development and solutions to their clients. The FOTAS system will also be distributed by the OPTOKON GROUP.  

Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology senses vibrations through standard fiber optic cables and only uses one fiber optic cable in the field to protect the perimeter. The FOTAS system provides 24/7 protection exceeding 50 km for oil, gas and mining industries, military installations, public buildings, airlines, railways and highways, power plants, border security and all major industrial and residential sites. The safe operation of a facility is monitored by continuous, local, and remote monitoring of the operating conditions for all supporting technologies, including the optical pyrometer developed by SAMM Tecknoloji – the "invisible optical fence". The system will be used as part of the secure environment in the new OPTOKON DATA CENTER VYSOČINA, which will be opened in August 2022. 

Jiří Štefl, the General Manager of the OPTOKON Group says: 

"OPTOKON is excited to expand our relationship with SAMM Teknoloji, a long-standing and valued partner dedicated to continuous improvement, sustainability, and social responsibility. We look forward to expanding our global portfolio as we continue growing our strategic relationship with SAMM. Through our global technical and sales support network, OPTOKON is well-positioned to provide customers with a total solution for optimizing perimeter security."

Mustafa Aksit, General Manager of the SAMM Teknoloji says: 

“It is my pleasure to announce the business partnership between SAMM Teknoloji and OPTOKON. This is an important step towards providing the best value solutions to our clients regarding fiber sensing technologies. OPTOKON is known for their strength in the fiber optic industry; and with SAMM Teknoloji’s innovative R&D work on optical fiber detection technologies, this partnership offers strong support for our business,” 


OPTOKON a.s. is a leading global producer and supplier of premium active and passive fiber optic components specializing in fully tested integrated data network, FTTx, and tactical military solutions. Our components and solutions can be found in applications in businesses, communities, and armed forces throughout the world.
In May 2020, OPTOKON signed a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator Agreement meaning that the company is entitled to 'design in'  Cisco products and software into OPTOKON solutions. OPTOKON is also a Select Certified Partner of Cisco with Express Specialization.
The operational management structure of the OPTOKON Group is based on a matrix organization consisting of six manufacturing divisions utilizing state-of-the-art technology and strong technical expertise to create the OPTOKON product portfolio. This is coupled with regionally managed OPTOKON facilities comprised of company branches and distribution outlets thus ensuring an active global distribution network to meet customer demand.
The OPTOKON Czech and Malaysian calibration laboratories offer accredited calibration services. Our accredited Testing Division conducts mechanical, thermal and EMC tests.


About SAMM Teknoloji

SAMM Teknoloji is a global company specializing in fiber optic technologies including interconnection passive equipment, known as Connectivity Solutions, in the telecommunications sector, and fiber optic sensing systems.
The company is currently an approved supplier for CERN. It is also the main distributor of Raspberry Pi, and other different development cards and robotics products in Turkey.

FOTAS was developed and commercialized by the SAMM Teknoloji R&D center. It has produced 8 patents, 3 utility models, 1 product design document, hundreds of product designs, and additional desktop and mobile software. It continues its R&D studies on fiber optic-based distributed temperature and voltage sensing and FBG-based single fiber sensors. 

In addition, SAMM Teknoloji will produce Optical fiber preforms, which is the basic raw material for quartz series optical fiber production, in 2023, after establishing its production facility in Turkey.