DOS – SN-MT16 - Data Center Cable

DOS – SN-MT16 - Data Center Cable

DOS® Data Center Cable

Due to the ever-increasing volume of data in global networks, Data Centers are becoming increasingly important, and their construction continues at a steady, faster pace. This places ever-increasing demands on the optical infrastructure. Optical cabling must be used to reliably interconnect data center devices, such as servers, switch data stores. It must also ensure the interconnection of individual data center nodes, connection to the global data network and connection of customers and users of data center services. All this while ensuring maximum economy during installation and operation of the data center.

These requirements are met by the modular concept of the OPTOKON DOS cabling system. The system is based on factory prepared modules, preterminated cables, which significantly reduce the volume of installation work during construction and facilitate the fault clearence during operation.

The DOS - SN-MT16 cabling system is based on multi-fiber connector technology. The newly developed multi-fiber connectors SN-MT16 are designed to terminate 16 fiber cables. The use of trunk cables with these connectors eliminates the need for splicing in optical cabinets, speeds up installation and ensures system modularity.
Basically, the design of a cable with 96 fibers was chosen, 16 fibers are stored in 6 tubes.


DOS® Data Center Cable 

96 fibers trunk cable terminated with 6 SN-MT16 connectors Data Center Cable 96F (8 × 12F)

SN-MT16 connector

16 fibers termination

SN-MT adapter for

4x SN-MT16 connectors

Data Center Cable 96F (6 × 16F)


The cables with 96 fibers terminated with multifiber connectors are installed into PUDOS optical distribution frames equipped with SN-MT adapters, which is designed for 4 pcs of SN-MT16 connectors. 
The PUDOS can accommodate 24 SN-MT adapters, it means the total capacity of 1U frame is up to 1152 fibers, it might serve for future expansion.

PUDOS – optical distribution frame:
The PUDOS is an economical rack mountable patch panel for use with manufactured pigtails, pre terminated cables. The cables are strain-relieved at the rear of the unit. The pivoting shelf is equipped with bend radius protection which guides, stores and organizes excess slack. This prevents damage to fibers prior to routing into couplings. In addition the pivoting shelf allows full access to the internal fiber connection, easy cleaning and connection management.


Termination for 384 Fibers


Termination for 768 Fibers


Termination for 1 152 Fibers

See PUDOS datasheets

Interconnection between Data center nodes:

All racks in the Data Center hall are connected via 96 fibers trunk cable to the Aggregation rack. 
Aggregation rack includes outgoing cables to backbones, incoming cables from data users and another fiber optic infrastructure. Modular design allows easy cable extension and fiber optic network reconfiguration.