21. 7. 2021

Senko to Support OPTOKON with SN® and CS® Connector Series

Senko Advanced Components (Euro) Ltd. today announced their support and collaboration with OPTOKON a.s., Czechia, to aid in their termination capability and sales channel for the SN® and CS® connector technology from Senko.

Basingstoke, UK — Senko Advanced Components (Euro) Ltd, (Senko) announced today the signing of a collaboration agreement, focused on Senko’s SN® and CS® connector series to support requirements into emerging markets in Czechia. A major project leading this collaboration, is the data centre "Datové Centrum Vysočina" which is currently under construction. OptoNet (a division of the OPTOKON Group) will be putting the Data Centre Vysočina into operation at the end of the first quarter of 2022, which will follow the strictest international standards. It is specified in accordance with the TIER 4 standard levels and is the only project of its type in the Czechia.


There have been major advancements in the adoption and continued deployment of the SN® and CS® connector technology and supporting ecosystem after two years of field trials. Support equipment and products, such as production and field equipment, testers, cleaning and inspection tools are now fully supported and available, to ensure ongoing adoption and servicing of installations. With OPTOKON’s investment in products and tooling to bring capability to their own production capabilities, Senko will be supporting them on several upcoming projects.


Using Senko technology, OPTOKON is now able to assemble the new SN® and CS® connector series at its headquarters in the Czech Republic and its subsidiaries in Turkey, Ukraine, and Malaysia. This will expand OPTOKON production in these territories. This collaboration represents a major step forward and creates a significant market advantage for both companies.


Product Overview — The SN® connector is a new, duplex optical fiber connector using LC style 1.25 mm zirconia ferrules, designed for the next generation hyperscale data center Interconnect (DCI). This connector was designed to provide individual and independent duplex fiber breakout at a quad style transceiver (QSFP, QSFP-DD & OSFP) that is not only more efficient, reliable, and scalable than the MPO connector but also at a lower in cost to implement. The SFP-DD has also adopted the SN® as their independent duo style interface, mainly for the wireless fronthaul applications.


The CS® connector is specifically designed for data centre 400G optimisation. Intended to complement the form factor of the next generation of (OSFP/ QSFP-DD) transceiver modules, the CS® connector meets the requirements for 2x100G/200G CWDM4 transceivers requiring two pairs of TX/RX.


One of the major topologies in hyperscale DCI is the leaf-spine, which is required to create a cross-connection between leaf and spine switches. The structure of the leaf-spine data center network is typically made using the MPO and LC breakout cables, or fiber shuffle boxes between switches. The SN® connector can simplify and reduce the overall cost of this structure, as SN® based transceivers are already divided into four individual SN® connectors at the transceiver interface. Only SN® to SN® jumpers are required to make a mesh fabric cross-connection, connecting from point-to-point at the transceiver. Compared to an LC connector, the SN® can reach ultra-high density at patch panel applications. While LC solutions get up to 144F within a 1RU patch panel, the SN® can increase the fiber counts to 432F in a 1RU panel. In a single 45RU rack, one can terminate in excess of 14,000 fibre cores.


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About Senko

Senko Advanced Components (Senko) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Senko Sangyo, which is headquartered in Yokkaichi, Japan. With 16 locations globally, Senko provides local support to customers all around the world. Senko was incorporated in the United States in the early nineties and has since been recognized as one of the industry’s leaders in passive fiber optics interconnect and optical components. This is due in great part to full vertical integration from the design capabilities, qualification/testing, and manufacturing. Senko has deployed over 600 million connectors. To date, Senko has over 100 awarded patents, with more than 140 pending.


More information about Senko can be found at www.senko.com


About OPTOKON a.s.

OPTOKON a.s. is a leading global producer and supplier of premium active and passive fiber optic components specialising in fully tested integrated data network, FTTx, and tactical military solutions. Our components and solutions can be found in applications in businesses, communities, and armed forces throughout the world. The OPTOKON Group includes nine global subsidiaries, the cable manufacturer OPTOKON Kable Co, Ltd. s.r.o and OptoNet Communication providing ISP services. The company also has accredited calibration laboratories in Malaysia and the Czech Republic.


OPTOKON, an ISO 9001 and EMS ISO 14 001 certified company, was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic.


The operational management structure of the OPTOKON Group is based on a matrix organisation consisting of six manufacturing divisions utilising state-of-the-art technology and strong technical expertise to create the OPTOKON product portfolio. This is coupled with regionally managed OPTOKON facilities comprised of company branches and distribution outlets thus ensuring an active global distribution network to meet customer demand.


More information about OPTOKON can be found at www.OPTOKON.com