24. 4. 2024

OPTOKON Newsletter April 2024

OPTOKON Newsletter Highlights:

  • Continuous Development and Innovation
  • Technological Innovation Laboratory
  • OPTOKON Elektronik Intercom system
  • DOS® Data Center Cable
  • OPTOKON Products

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10. 1. 2024

OPTOKON Newsletter January 2024

Newsletter Highlights

  • Forthcoming Exhibitions & Recent Exhibitions
  • A New Year Message from OPTOKON CEO
  • Cybersecurity, Resilience, and Protection conference
  • Czech Republic Celebrates 15 Years as a Member of ESA
  • Visits by ambassadors from Singapore and Turkey
  • OPTOKON GROUP Evolution
  • Czech 100 Best and company of the year 2023 in Vysočina
  • Optoelectronics in competition in the Vysočina region
  • Mikuláš at OPTOKON 5.12.2023
  • New fireproof optical cable

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6. 11. 2023

OPTOKON October Newsletter 2023

Newsletter Highlights

  • Forthcoming Exhibitions & Recent Exhibitions
  • The return of OPTOKON to the Australian market
  • OPTOKON Australia Representative Office and FOTAS project
  • DSIA of the Czech Republic Meeting in OptoNet
  • Cyber security seminar hosted by OptoNet
  • OptoNet Communication Cyber Security Solution
  • OPTOKON ISO quality recertification
  • OPTOKON are a proud partner to the broadcast market
  • Optoelectronics in competition in the Vysočina region
  • Tactical Sensing System FOTAS
  • OPTOKON Internships for Turkish students
  • Supervisor - HMA CONNECTORS

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26. 9. 2023

Dear Business Partner, We are pleased to inform you that OPTOKON shall participate in ECOC EXHIBITION 2023, 2-4 OCTOBER 2023, SEC GLASGOW, SCOTLAND. Please accept our invitation to visit us at Stand No. 744

4. 8. 2023

OPTOKON July Newsletter 2023

Newsletter Highlights
New test and training center for the Czech Army and NATO in OPTOKON
Conference of the Allied Army in Lípnik, Czech Republic
LEMO assembly line certification
OPTTA Cybersecurity
LMCP® platform for secure operation of applications and services
OPTOKON expands the production of connectors

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24. 4. 2023

OPTOKON Group and ARCON enter into partnership to provide advanced cybersecurity products and services.

Czech Republic & India – April 18, 2023

Info on CZECHSPACE PORTAL Successful conclusion of the first Czech-Indian Space Industry Day 

The OPTOKON Group and OptoNet Communication are proud to announce a new partnership with ARCON, India, aimed at advancing the development, production, and sale of cutting-edge telecommunications and cybersecurity products. The partnership will serve the military and space industries and will include a focus on privilege access management, identity threat detection and response as well as security operations centers.
As part of this partnership, ARCON and OptoNet will work together to develop a go-to-market strategy for their cybersecurity products and services in the region. This collaboration will enable OptoNet especially with its new datacenter and a well established fiberoptic backbone to offer highly specialized Cybersecurity Services such as Security Operations Centre and Identity Access Management Services as a SaaS offering to a large number of clientle in the region.  

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the Embassy of India in Prague, Czech Republic on Tuesday, April 17, 2023, under the patronage of the Ministry of transport. This marks an exciting milestone in the growth of both companies, as they join forces to tackle some of the most pressing challenges around cybersecurity especially for critical national assets. This also marks a unique milestone in the various initiative jointly undertaken by Indian and Czech Governments. 

29. 3. 2023

APRIL Newsletter 2023

OPTOKON April 2023 Newsletter Highlights:

  • Collaboration with Czech Technical University and Jihlava Polytechnical University on innovative projects funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR).
  • Recent recognition in "Practical Electronic - Amatérské Radio" magazine for our hard work and dedication to the industry.
  • Introduction of 25-year and lifetime warranties for our cables and patchcords.
  • New products released in the last quarter with details of recent and forthcoming exhibitions where OPTOKON products will be on display and available for demonstration.
  • Patented Easy Link system, an innovative optical outlet that provides a universal solution for FTTH installations, is now available in the market.
  • OPTOKON DOS cable system, revolutionize data center cabling.

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Thank you for your interest and support in OPTOKON. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter.

16. 2. 2023

Current and future challenges of OPTOKON, a.s. in the field of security

OPTOKON, a.s. is a long-term supplier of ruggedized products for the construction of communication and information systems in the military environment. However, the goal of the product portfolio is not only the hardware and software functionality of individual products but also the comprehensive and safe reliability of the resulting solutions. "According to the customer's requirements, we implement security elements into our products that will ensure reliable and secure functionality of the supplied customer solutions", says Ing. Jiří Štefl, director of OPTOKON, a.s., who adds "Over the last several years, our company has entered into a number of strategic partnerships that complement our product portfolio with elements of physical, operational and cyber security".

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16. 2. 2023

Tactical fiber optic cables

The term "tactical" is the designation of a special category of cables intended for demanding operating conditions and very high requirements are placed on them in terms of durability and reliability. They are primarily intended for military data and communication applications. However, it is also possible to use these cables in civil applications, for example in camera systems. The high flexibility of these cables allows them to be used multiple times in the sense of repeated unwinding and rewinding. Therefore, for these cables to meet the demanding requirements, special materials and specific production processes must be used in their production. The load when testing these cables is significantly higher compared to commonly used optical cables. The cable sheath is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. A typical feature of this material is its high resistance to water, UV radiation, chemicals, microorganisms, and mold. It also significantly exceeds commonly used materials in terms of mechanical resistance and is tough, being especially resistant to being cut by a sharp object or punctured. The most striking feature is its high flexibility, which remains unchanged even at very low temperatures The secondary protection of the fiber is made of highly mechanically, chemically, and thermally resistant Polyamide 12, which protects the optical fiber from mechanical damage. Kevlar tensile elements give the cable high tensile strength and protect optical fibers from damage during unwinding and winding. The durability of the "Military" cable is visible when comparing the properties with a standard optical cable of similar construction:

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9. 1. 2023

January newsletter 2023

Welcome to the January 2023 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter. This newsletter is the first of the year as we return from the festive holidays and look forward to what 2023 has in store for us. As is tradition, there is a New Year message from the General Director of OPTOKON, Jiří Štefl.

We also highlight recent visits to OPTOKON from a government delegation from Oman and the visit by Turkish students to OptoNet as part of the ERASMUS+ project. Rostislav Prosecký, the director of OptoNet Communication, also explains the new OptoNet data center in Jihlava. You can also find features on the OPTOKON Calibration Laboratory and the recent accreditation audit. This is all in addition to our usual features containing information about exhibitions and the ever-expanding new OPTOKON products section. As is the tradition at this time of the year at OPTOKON, we also feature the recent Mikuláš festivities. We would like to wish all our customers and partners a prosperous New Year.

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17. 10. 2022

October Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter. The theme of this edition is the currently hot topic of cyber security, and we feature the FOTAS security system and the associated training seminar in Istanbul. We also have news on the new special rodent-resistant cable produced by OPTOKON Kable designed to make the new generation of data centers even more secure. 

Expanding on the theme of cyber security, we have details of the recent Digital Partnership for Cybersecurity and Resilience in Regions conference held in the picturesque historic town of Telč in Vysočina and attended by government ministers from the Czech Republic. 

You can also find an article on the OPTOKON testing division regarding Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), climatic and mechanical tests.

This is all in addition to our usual features containing details of the forthcoming exhibitions and the ever-expanding new OPTOKON and OPTOKON Kable products section. 

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16. 8. 2022

July Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter. This edition features an article by Jiří Štefl, the General Director of the OPTOKON Group, on how the Group is planning for Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) in terms of its cyber-physical transition. The implementation of Industry 4.0 is reflected in many of the articles in this edition, which include Stablenet software training at OPTOKON, the Signal Corp Conference focused on military solutions and the INFODAS workshop focusing on Secure Domain Transition (SDoT). 

Staying on the same theme, we preview the new OPTOKON Elektronik rugged laptops and smartphone and the same company's new fiber optic rack solutions. There is also the English version of the recent article on the FOTAS system published in the latest edition of the Review Magazine by the Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic. 

You can also find all our usual features including details of the forthcoming exhibitions, including a joint presentation in Italy with our partners, SAMM Teknoloji, and the ever-expanding new OPTOKON products section.  

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20. 4. 2022

OPTOKON April Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter. The theme of this edition is innovation, which is reflected in three articles focusing on the different aspects that comprise the new DOS® system and its implementation in the new Data Centers. We also feature the new FOTAS perimeter security system and the unique cable used in it that is produced by OPTOKON Kable. 

In keeping with the theme of innovation, we also feature the recent visit to OPTOKON by a delegation from the Tampere Region in Finland. The visit to OPTOKON was included in their mission to work together with the Vysočina Region on future smart innovation and digitalization projects. You can also find all our usual features including details of the new partnership between SAMM Teknoloji of Turkey and new products  offered by  Turkish facility OPTOKON Elektronik,  which include a range of rugged tablets especially designed for harsh environments

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14. 4. 2022


The New Data Center DATOVÉ CENTRUM VYSOČINA, located adjacent to OPTOKON Headquarters in Jihlava, is currently in the final stages of completion before the official opening later this year. OPTOKON can now announce that due to decisions at board level concerning limiting investment to within the European Union, that the Data Center is a 100% Czech investment owned by OPTOKON.

28. 2. 2022

The OPTOKON Group and SAMM Teknoloji Announce Partnership for the FOTAS Fiber Sensing System 

Czech Republic & Turkey – February 28, 2022

The OPTOKON Group with its headquarters in the Czech Republic and SAMM Teknoloji of Turkey are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the fiber optic based distributed acoustic sensing system FOTAS.

SAMM Teknoloji and OPTOKON Elektronik, the subsidiary of the OPTOKON Group, will be in a technology and product development partnership for mission-critical applications as well as providing business development and solutions to their clients. The FOTAS system will also be distributed by the OPTOKON GROUP.  

Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology senses vibrations through standard fiber optic cables and only uses one fiber optic cable in the field to protect the perimeter. The FOTAS system provides 24/7 protection exceeding 50 km for oil, gas and mining industries, military installations, public buildings, airlines, railways and highways, power plants, border security and all major industrial and residential sites. The safe operation of a facility is monitored by continuous, local, and remote monitoring of the operating conditions for all supporting technologies, including the optical pyrometer developed by SAMM Tecknoloji – the "invisible optical fence". The system will be used as part of the secure environment in the new OPTOKON DATA CENTER VYSOČINA, which will be opened in August 2022. 


Memorandum of Cooperation  between OPTOKON, a.s. and LEMO-Middle East

7. 1. 2022

The OPTOKON Group is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation  between OPTOKON, a.s. and LEMO-Middle East. The Memorandum was signed in December 2021 and covers  research and development plus business development for parts of Europe and the Middle East.
As part of the deepening relationship, OPTOKON Elektronik, a member of the OPTOKON Group, has become a  business partner for LEMO  products in  the Turkish  market.


OPTOKON January Newsletter 2022

22. 12. 2021

January Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the January 2022 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter where you can find the the traditional New Year message from the General Director of OPTOKON, Jiří Štefl, who looks back on the key events of this year and what lies ahead in 2022. There is also a strong technical theme to this edition, and you can find details of a whole host of new and updated product releases, plus articles on the new LMSW-E33 and LMSR-R63 unified design and the SN connector. 
The management and staff of OPTOKON would like to take this opportunity to wish all our partners, customers and distributors much success in 2022.

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8. 10. 2021

OPTOKON has established a long-term cooperation with an important Turkish partner
07.10.2021 / 14:13 | Last update: 07.10.2021 / 14:23

OPTOKON a.s., a leading Czech manufacturer of optical equipment and supplier of optical infrastructure, has signed a cooperation agreement with AC Tasarim AS, a major Turkish company. This took place on October 5, 2021 during the Ankara "Military Radar + Border Security Summit" at Hacettepe University.  

read more on 

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ankara

5. 10. 2021

September Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which we issue as the summer turns to fall and we head towards the final quarter of the year. In this edition, we are pleased to announce the exciting new partnership between OPTOKON and AC Proje Tasarim of Turkey and you can find further details in the Company News section.

After most industry exhibitions were cancelled last year due to the pandemic, we are pleased to see this industry segment beginning to return to normal. There are pictures and details of some of the recent exhibitions attended by OPTOKON as well as news on the forthcoming shows where OPTOKON products will be on display.

This edition also has a strong technical theme and features articles on the OPTOKON testing division, EMI testing and an insight into the new OPTOKON high-power connectors. We also have news on the new company introduction video now available on the company website and YouTube channel. 
You can also find all our usual features and details of our new product releases.

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9. 9. 2021

Dear Business Partner,

We are pleased to inform you that OPTOKON shall participate in Military Radar & Border Security Summit at Ankara from October 5-6, 2021. Please accept our invitation to visit us at OPTOKON booth C13.

21. 7. 2021

Senko to Support OPTOKON with SN® and CS® Connector Series


Senko Advanced Components (Euro) Ltd. today announced their support and collaboration with OPTOKON a.s., Czechia, to aid in their termination capability and sales channel for the SN® and CS® connector technology from Senko.

Basingstoke, UK — Senko Advanced Components (Euro) Ltd, (Senko) announced today the signing of a collaboration agreement, focused on Senko’s SN® and CS® connector series to support requirements into emerging markets in Czechia. A major project leading this collaboration, is the data centre "Datové Centrum Vysočina" which is currently under construction. OptoNet (a division of the OPTOKON Group) will be putting the Data Centre Vysočina into operation at the end of the first quarter of 2022, which will follow the strictest international standards. It is specified in accordance with the TIER 4 standard levels and is the only project of its type in the Czechia.


30. 6. 2021

June Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which is issued as the summer holidays get underway in most of the northern hemisphere countries and we wish all our customers, partners and branches a peaceful and healthy holiday time. 

It is also our pleasure to report some good news in what has been a demanding year for everyone. This edition features news of the OPTOKON - SENKO ALLIANCE - Transfer Technology Agreement for SN® and CS® Connectors and new cable innovations from OPTOKON Kable. As the fiscal year has now closed, we are also pleased to report positive news, and despite the effects of the pandemic, it has been a record-breaking year for OPTOKON in terms of connector production. 

You can also find articles on successful reaccreditation of our calibration laboratories and details of the recent conference of the Army of the Czech Republic, which featured a presentation of the full military portfolio. You can also find all our usual features and news of our new product releases.

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7. 4. 2021

April Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the April 2021 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which is issued as we get back to work following the Easter holidays. Although the ongoing pandemic curtailed the traditional festive activities here in the Czech Republic, we hope all our readers had a peaceful and healthy holiday time. 

With many exhibitions being postponed or held virtually, we are happy to announce that OPTOKON will be partaking in exhibitions in Turkey and Ukraine in the coming months as well as being a silver sponsor for the MILITARY RADAR + BORDER SECURITY SUMMIT to be held in Ankara in October.

This edition contains articles on the recent alliance between OPTOKON and SIRIM and an update on the current project that OPTOKON is partaking in with the Czech Technical University Prague. You can also find our usual features and news of our new product releases.

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17. 2. 2021

Press Release
For Immediate Release

OPTOKON and SIRIM Standards Technology strengthen alliance for calibration in Malaysia

Jihlava, Czech Republic – February 15, 2021
OPTOKON and SIRIM Standards Technology are pleased to announce further cooperation in regard to the recent partnership between the two companies.

Download press release here.


OPTOKON December 2020 Newsletter

9. 12. 2020

December Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the December 2020 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which comes at the end of what has been a turbulent year for everyone. The Christmas and New Year holiday season is now on us and with this in mind, there is the traditional holiday message in the newsletter from the General Director of OPTOKON, Jiří Štefl, which focuses on the global pandemic and its future consequences for the business world. 

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25. 9. 2020

OPTOKON September Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter. Did you know that OPTOKON holds not one but two world records? You can find out exactly why and for what later in the newsletter. We also have articles in this edition that cross the full range of fiber optics — from demonstrating the new ruggedized paging system to army generals through to measuring Insertion Loss in patchcords. 

Two of our foreign subsidiaries are featured along with news about the optical cable research and development center for optical cables in OPTOKON Kable. There is also news on our latest and updated products including the release of the new tactical military catalogue for 2020.  We can also provide some of the rescheduled dates for the forthcoming exhibitions in which OPTOKON will be participating, although these are subject to change due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, so please check with the exhibitor's website to stay updated.

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Cisco STI Partnership Certifications

22. 7. 2020

The ICT Division development has strengthened its capabilities in the area of operational and cybersecurity and for stationary – fixed and mobile – operational networks. As cyber defense and security are key capabilities of the military and the public safety and security segment, the division required a product portfolio to reflect this. In 2019, the division took a major step toward this with the Cisco Solution Technology Integrator partnership acquisition, which allows OPTOKON to promote and to sell our ruggedized Cisco-based products into the global Cisco community. In May this year, OPTOKON signed a Solution Technology Integrator Agreement meaning that the company is entitled to 'design in' Cisco products and software into OPTOKON solutions. OPTOKON was the first Cisco partner in the Czech Republic.

OPTOKON is also a Select Certified Partner of Cisco with Express Specialization. OPTOKON products released in cooperation with Cisco to date are the LMSW E2U Managed Switch, the LMSW-E33 Switch, and the LMSR-R63 Router. 

30. 6. 2020

OPTOKON June Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the June 2020 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which comes at a time when for some countries, the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic are easing. By taking precautions in accordance with the Emergency Declaration of the Czech Republic and adapting production to fulfil contracted orders, our manufacturing plants have been operating at 100% staff and we continue to work on orders and development projects.You can find the message from Jiří Štefl, the General Director of the OPTOKON Group, evaluating the the audited result of our last fiscal year 2019.

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26. 6. 2020

Visit of the President of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA) to OPTOKON

On 9.6.2020, RNDr. Jiří Hynek, the President of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA), accompanied by Ing. Kristýna Stejskalová, visited OPTOKON headquarters in Jihlava.
During his visit, Dr. Hynek was shown the production of passive and active elements as well as the newly built testing laboratory that provides services in the field of mechanical testing of cables and accredited temperature measurement containing equipment for EMC tests.