Testing Division

EMC, climatic and mechanical tests

The OPTOKON testing laboratory offers EMC, climatic and mechanical testings of electronic devices and optical cables and preparation of accreditation for selected test methods according to the ČSN / EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

OPTOKON EMC chamber OPTOKON Pressure resistance test workplace OPTOKON Temperature chamber

Testing services:

  • Tensile performance according to EN 60794-1-21 method E1
  • Abrasion according to EN 60794-1-21 method E2A
  • Abrasion according to EN 60794-1-21 method E2B
  • Crush according to EN 60794-1-21 method E3A
  • Impact according to EN 60794-1-21 method  E4
  • Repeated bending according to EN 60794-1-21 method E6
  • Torsion according to EN 60794-1-21 method E7
  • Flexing according to EN 60794-1-21 method E8
  • Kink according to EN 60794-1-21 method E10
  • Bend according to EN 60794-1-21 method E11A
  • Temperature cycling according to EN 60794-1-22 method F1 Ageing according to EN 60794-1-22 method F9
  • Cable external freezing test according to EN 60794-1-22 method F15

The OPTOKON EMC chamber meets all the MIL-STD 461G requirements for certified EMC measurement of tests for RE 102, CE 102, CS 101, CS 114, CS 115, CS 116, and RS 103. The chamber design meets the field intensity minimum of 50 V/m for susceptibility tests. Shielding effectiveness measured according to EN 50147-1 is stronger than recommended in EN 50147-1.