5. 10. 2021

September Newsletter 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 edition of the OPTOKON newsletter, which we issue as the summer turns to fall and we head towards the final quarter of the year. In this edition, we are pleased to announce the exciting new partnership between OPTOKON and AC Proje Tasarim of Turkey and you can find further details in the Company News section.

After most industry exhibitions were cancelled last year due to the pandemic, we are pleased to see this industry segment beginning to return to normal. There are pictures and details of some of the recent exhibitions attended by OPTOKON as well as news on the forthcoming shows where OPTOKON products will be on display.

This edition also has a strong technical theme and features articles on the OPTOKON testing division, EMI testing and an insight into the new OPTOKON high-power connectors. We also have news on the new company introduction video now available on the company website and YouTube channel. 
You can also find all our usual features and details of our new product releases.

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In this issue:

  • Forthcoming Exhibitions & Recent Exhibitions
  • OPTOKON and AC Tasarim Partnership
  • New OPTOKON company introduction video
  • OPTOKON Testing Division
  • CDIS Magazine
  • Group Calendar
  • High-power connectors
  • New Products
  • New cables from OPTOKON Kable Co., Ltd., s.r.o.