MT-RJ adapters

MT-RJ adapters

The MT-RJ connector type is designed to bring together the latest advances in precision molding and multi-fiber ferrule technology, providing the end user with an optical interface that is easier and more cost effective to install. At half the size of comparable duplex SC adapters, yet using the same space in patch panels and networking equipment as RJ-45 copper connectors, the MT-RJ adapters doubles the capacity of existing networking infrastructures.

  • Small Form Factor
  • Half the size of duplex SC
  • Dual fiber connectivity
  • Familiar Latching Mechanism


A – MJ – 01 

A – MJ – 01 


  • LAN, WAN
  • “Fiber to the desk“

A -
























01 - SC type*




MJ       (MT-RJ)


02 – Methode type


*)  A – MJ – 01 

    SC hole compatible
    Mounting clip