MU adapters

MU adapters

The MU high density fiber optic interconnection system offers a new solution for high performance telecommunications networking. The MU adapter is at least half the size of the standard SC adapter. It can offer twice the port density, but all the optical  performance of traditional fiber optic connectors. The MU system includes a complete range of multimode and singlemode.

  • Full ceramic zirconia sleeve
  • Excellent handling at high packing densities
  • Simplex, duplex and 8-position bulkhead adapters
  • Self-retentiv mechanism enables low the ferrule compression force off the backpanel

A-MU/PC-01-01 A-MU-D/PC-01-01   A-MU-D/PC-01-05
  • Telecom
  • Optical transmission and switching systems
  • Backboard, printed circuit board adapters
  • CATV
  • Measuring Technique

A -

MU (-D,8)





















































 01  zirconia



patch panel mount, metal clip


 MU -D






board mount


 MU -8






backpanel mount








patch panel mount, without metal clip








SC footprint dimension

1. A – MU ...    simplex adapter
2. A – MU -D ...    duplex adapter
3. A – MU -8 ...    8-port adapter