Fiber optic patchcords, pigtails and connectors

FC Patchcord

The patchcords with FC connector type are designed and manufactured according JIS, IEC, EIA/TIA and ANSI specifications for intermateability and optical performance. The FC connectors are offered for MM or SM applications, with PC and APC polishing method.

ST Patchcord

The ST connector type patchcords are offered for MM or SM applications with PC polishing method. Various boot color combinations allows to specify duplex straight or crossed interconnection cable and M5 (50/125 µm) or M6 (62.5/125 µm) fiber type.

LSH Patchcord

The LSH connector patchcords are offered for MM or SM applications with PC and APC polishing method. LSH integrated protective cap made from zinc alloy protects ferrule from dust and rules out any laser light emissions. The LSH connector is compatible with E2000TM connector standards. High power version available.

D4 Patchcord

The D4 connector type patchcords are offered for SM applications with UPC – ultra PC polishing method. Two boot dimensions allow to use both cable or fiber diameters.

ESCON Patchcord

ESCON Series duplex fiber optic interconnect products are fully compatible with ESCON I/O interfaces as defined in IBM document SA22-7202-00. The Enterprise Systems Connection Architecture ESCON is a channel interconnection environment developed by IBM to take advantage of fiber media and dynamic connectivity. ESCON connector is available in singlemode and multimode versions. 

FDDI Patchcord

The FDDI connector features a sliding keyway which is integrated into the connector body. The keyway is indexed to achieve the prescribed FDDI keying positions. Key positions A and B are used with dual attach stations. M and S keying positions are used when a network concentrator is connected to a single attached station. M key is inserted at the concentrator and the S key at the station end. The type S or “slave” key position will mate with any connector regardless of key style.

SMA Patchcord

SMA connectors are specially designed for multimode data communication applications. SMA connectors are fully compatible with existing SMA hardware.