LMSW-E1 Ruggedized Ethernet Layer 2 Managed Switch

LMSW-E1 Ruggedized Ethernet Layer 2 Managed Switch

2x 1G WAN, FO HMA or RJ-45
4x LAN 10/100BASE-T with PoE/PoE+

The OPTOKON® LMSW-E1 ruggedized switch based on Cisco® technology extends switching capabilities to mobile and embedded networks that operate in extreme environments. It is an attractive entry level product as a GUI-based, lightly-managed switch. The IE 1000 is a good fit for locations with harsh temperatures and small spaces and is Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable with zero IT management. 
The switch is able to fit all the common 24 V DC power systems. The switch operates in wide operating temperature range -40 to +60°C. 

  • Robust compact design resistant to harsh environmental conditions and rough handling
  • 1G uplinks, 100M downlinks
  • - WAN: 2x ports of 1G fiber HMA or copper
  • - LAN: 4x 100M ports RJ-45
  • LAN with PoE/PoE+
  • Maximum Forwarding Bandwidth 2.8 Gbps
  • Maximum Switching Bandwidth 5.6 Gbps
  • Input voltage range 20-40 V DC

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