LMCP-7H Compact, ultra-durable server

LMCP-7H Compact, ultra-durable server

Intel® Xeon®/ Core™ Processor
Up to 64 GB DDR4
3x 1G routed server ports
7x 1G switch ports

The OPTOKON compact ultra-durable server LMCP-7H is equipped with Intel® CPU, removable SSD disc and 7 LAN + 3 WAN Gigabit Ethernet ports. The LMCP-7H supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory, resulting in a reduction in overall power consumption compared to DDR3-based servers. 
The LMCP-7H offers military grade features in rugged box making it an ideal platform for applications in harsh and rugged environments. LMCP-7H can operate in harsh environment under temperature range from -32 to 75°C, sealed against dust and debris, our Rugged Line stands up to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

OPTOKON NATO supplier code: 1583G

  • Rugged design for harsh environmental use
  • Removable high capacity SSD disc with erase functionality1
  • Button for disc erasing1
  • 3x 1 routed GbE ports
  • 7x LAN switch ports
  • Rugged D38999 multipin / MRJ1 connectors
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Wide power supply voltage range
  • Compact small design, light weight


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