Ruggedized Mobile Cable

Ruggedized Mobile Cable

Ruggedized Mobile Cable
Rev. 019821/17

Cable is highly resistant to abrasion and cutting, suitable for harsh environment.

Fibre count

2 or 4

Fibre Type

G.657.A1, G.657.A2, OM1, OM2, OM2+, OM3, OM4, OM5

Fibre colour


Buffer diameter

0.9 mm

Buffer material

UV curable resin

Buffers colour

Blue, Orange, Green, Brown

Strength members

Water-swellable Aramid yarns

Outer jacket

UV resistant, Flame retardant (V 2, UL94) Thermoplastic Polyurethane resistant to micro
organisms and hydrolysis, flexible during very low temperature

Outer jacket thickness

1.1 mm

Outer jacket colour

colour Black (RAL9005), Olive Green (RAL6003), Beige (RAL1001), Yellow (RAL1021),
White (RAL9010)


Max. Tensile Loading 



EN 60794-1-21-E1

Max. compressive loading



EN 60794-1-21-E3

Max. Impact loading

2.5 [Nm , 200 impacts]


EN 60794-1-21-E3

Min. bend radius   



EN 60794-1-21-E11

Operating temperature range

-45 to +85


EN 60794-1-22-F1

Storage temperature range

-45 to +85


EN 60794-1-22-F1

Water tightness

No water detected on free end


EN 60794-1-22-F5

Class of fire reaction



EN 13501-6

Fiber count

Cable Code (Ordering Code)

Cable outer diameter

Cable Weight (calc.)


OPKU DSTTAC 2(2x0.9)A9AAU xx yy

5.3 mm

22 kg/km


OPKU DSTTAC 4(4x0.9)A9AAU xx yy

5.6 mm

26 kg/km

 xx – fiber type      yy – jacket color

Print legend        Cable type – lot number- length marking per 1 m (customer print legend available on request)
Delivery length        2100 m ±5% on plywood reel