VSP-03 Visible Pen - Laser Diode

VSP-03 Visible Pen - Laser Diode

The Visible Pen is used to check or identify singlemode and multimode optical fibers & components. The universal adapter is suitable for every 2.5 mm or 1.25 mm fiber optic connector. The small, compact and handy housing makes the device suitable for daily use.


630 - 680 nm

Output power singlemode

≥ 0.3 mW

Output power multimode

≥ 1.0 mW


up to 5 km

Operation Mode

CW, Pulse, ON/OFF

Laser Class


Dimensions length

168 ± 2 mm

Dimensions diameter

13.5 mm


Alkaline AAA , 2 pcs

Suitable fiber optic connectors VSP-03-250

E2000, FC, SC, ST, LSA, …      standard 2.5 mm ferrule

Suitable fiber optic connectors VSP-03-125

LC, MU, LX5, …                       SFF 1.25 mm ferrule

Operating Temperature

-10 °C to +50 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 °C to +70 °C

Inserting the batteries:
Unscrew the cover and insert batteries (3) with the correct polarity. The correct polarity is shown in the drawing.

The instrument can be switched on and off by pressing the button (1). By repeatedly pressing the button (4) the operator can select between a continuous light mode, flashing mode with approximatelly frequenzy 3 Hz and ON/OFF mode. Signalization LED (2) shows the selected mode.
Then the laser beam will emerge from the outlet.

Safety Notes:
Never look into the laser beam and do not point it at humans or animals. Laser radiation can cause damage to the eyes or skin.
Do not point the laser pointer at a mirror or other reflecting surfaces. The uncontrolledly deflected beam can hit humans or animals. The device and the batteries are not for children. They are not a toy.
The product is equipped with a class 3R laser product.