Data Center Cable 96F (6×16F) - DOS Data Center Cable System

Data Center Cable 96F (6×16F) - DOS Data Center Cable System

Data Center Cable 96F (6×16F)
Indoor Distribution Cable for Data Center Cable Systems
Rev. 0301-23/03
Designed for DOS® Data Center Cable System

Fiber count

96 (16 fibers in sub-unit)

Fiber Type

G.657.A1 200 µm

Fiber colour

1-12 Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Aqua 13-16 BlueBS, OrangeBS, GreenBS, BrownBS(BS = Black strip)

Sub-unit strength members

Aramid yarns

Cable Sub-unit jacket material

Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic compound Cable Sub-unit diameter 2.0 mm

Cable Sub-unit colour


Central strength member

Coated FRP rod

Core wrapping

Aramid yarns

Outer jacket

Halogen-free flame-retardant thermoplastic compound

Outer Jacket thickness

1.3 mm


1x under outer jacket


Cable outer diameter




Max. Loading (Short Term)



EN 60794-1-21-E1

Max. Loading (Long Term)



EN 60794-1-21-E1

Max. compressive loading



EN 60794-1-21-E3

Max. Impact loading


[Nm ]

EN 60794-1-21-E4

Min. bend radius not load



EN 60794-1-21-E11

Min. bend radius load



EN 60794-1-21-E11

Operating temperature range

-20 to +60


EN 60794-1-22-F1

Storage temperature range

-20 to +60


EN 60794-1-22-F1

Installation temperature range

-5 to +50


EN 60794-1-22-F1

Class of fire reaction Dca-s2,d1,a1
Flammability IEC 60332-3
Smoke density IEC 61034-1, IEC 61034-2 
Halogen free, acid gases IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2


Print legend    Manufacturer-Cable type – lot number- length marking per 1 m (customer print legend available on request)
Delivery length    2100 m ±5% on plywood reel