MCS-04 Mini cable splice

The OPTOKON MCS-04 offers a low cost, field usable, quick repairs of tactical cables in the toughest of environments. Utilising the proven mechanical splice in both singlemode and multimode applications, there is no need for power, heat or complicated termination procedures. Based on standard mechanical splice technology the MCS-04 provides low loss fiber jointing in just a few minutes. Cable retention and tie off is achieved through the aramid yarn and IP 67 guaranteed in the same way as military connectors. With a small diamensions the Mini Cable Splice provides a permanent join of military tactical cables up to 4 fibers.  
The MCS-04 is supplied as the OMK-SR-MCS kit. Purchased with all the tooling and consumables necessary to carry out the operation, the kit comes complete with splice unit, ready for use in a rugged field usable carry case. Splice unit, spares and consumables are then replaced and replenished at a low cost whenever necessary.