OMK-SR-MCS Mini cable splice tool kit

The OPTOKON OMK-SR-MCS Mini cable splice tool kit offers all necessary tools and components for field usable, quick repairs of tactical cables in the toughest of environments. Utilizing the proven mechanical splice in both singlemode and multimode applications, there is no need for power, heat or complicated termination procedures. Based on standard mechanical splice technology of the MCS-04, the tool kit provides low loss fiber jointing in just a few minutes. 
Cable retention and tie off is achieved through the aramid yarn and IP 67 guaranteed in the same way as military connectors. With small dimensions the Mini Cable Splice provides a permanent join of military tactical cables up to 4 fibers.  
Purchased with all the tooling and consumables necessary to carry out the operation, the kit comes complete with splice unit, ready for use in a rugged field usable carry case. Splice unit, spares and consumables are then replaced and replenished at a low cost whenever necessary.

OMK-SR-FSK.2 Fusion Splice Kit

Code NATO: 1583G
KČM: 0062416401587

The OPTOKON optical Splice Kit OMK-SR-FSK.2 includes an automatic fusion splicer OSC-700 for SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS (G655), EDF and other fibers. The OSC-700 is capable of ensuring high-quality splicing even in the most unfavorable environment conditions. The OSC-700 splicers are suitable for core or cladding alignment. Using one of these methods the two cleaved fibers are automatically aligned by the fusion splicer in the X, Y plane, then are fused together. The bare fiber area is protected either by recoating or with a splice protector. A splice protector is a heat shrinkable tube with a strength member and less loss.
The Splice Kit OMK-SR-FSK.2 is intended for the quick repair of damaged or broken mobile tactical optical cables, it includes all necessary splicing tools.  The Kit tools are housed in a rugged case. 

OMK-SR-OTS.2 Diagnostic Set

NSN: 6650-16-006-2316
KČM: 0209009700021

Diagnostic set includes measuring instruments and tools for diagnosing faults on fiber optic cables with connectors STRATOS and CTOS, and direct technical successors connectors HMA. The OPTOKON Diagnostic Set includes two instruments - Light source and Power meter. Both instruments are housed in a hard carry case that meets the requirement of fiber optic networks installation and maintenance teams, who require rugged and lightweight fiber optic test equipment that combines high performance with ease of use and reliable operation.  The Diagnostic Set allows traceable measurements on dual wavelength and data storage to the PC. It includes the hybrid master HMA-FC patchcord for testing of harsh environmental networks and is comprised of these measurement instruments: LS-800 light source and  PM-800 power meter 

OMK-SR-UNI.2 Termination & Repair Tool Kit

KČM: 0062416401587
OMK-SR-UNI Termination & Repair Tool Kit is designed for harsh environmental connectors. Tool Kit is delivered in aluminum case suitable for field applications. Tool Kit includes all necessary instruments and accessories for termination of harsh environment fiber optic connectors. All instruments are placed in special pre formed plastic foam secures tooling during transit and allows simple checking inventory.
Tool Kit is designed for harsh environmental conditions use: water resistant, temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C, resistant to UV and magnetic emission.

OMK-SR-SPL.2 Quick Repair Tool Kit

OMK-SR-SPL.2 Quick Repair Tool Kit is delivered in anticorrosive case. All instruments are placed in special pre formed plastic foam secures tooling during transit and allows simple checking inventory. Surface of case can be washed.

OMK-SR-CLN.2 Maintenance Clean Kit

KČM: 0062416401587
The Maintenance Clean Kit is intended for cleaning and inspecting of ruggedized optical connectors. It contains all of the necessary tools for cleaning fiber optic components. The Kit tools are housed in the water/airtight, unbreakable NATO codified case. They are further protected with pre-moulded cut to fit each item. Case is made from extremely resistant Copolymer Polypropylene and equipped with automatic pressure release valve. Due to the copolymer polypropylene and extra-thick wall is not get scratched or damaged easily.