FOTAS SF-10 - Single Channel Perimeter Security

FOTAS SF-10 is an acoustic sensor based on fiber optic infrastructure and It can be easily distributed in variant terrains. SF-10 keeps your perimeter and borders safe and sends you early threat warnings. 
Laser beams sent by the laser source traveling the entire system. Providing information while flowing through the fiber optic cable. When laser beams come back to the FOTAS, a computer software analyse them. Noises and unrelated data eliminated through the software. Finally FOTAS AI classifies the alarms. 
Actions that create vibration can be watched live on the system. Noisy areas can be isolated and deactivated at the request of user. All alarms received and reported over the web interface. They are stored and can be exported. 
It is one of the proven early warning security system. FOTAS detects third-party intervention, illegal crossing attempts and unauthorized excavations along a line spanning several kilometres to thousands of kilometres.

Outdoor Sensitive Star Detection Cable

Outdoor Sensitive Star Detection Cable
Rev. 0280-22/36

Special fiber optic cable for Acoustic Sensing System. Suitable for installation on the fence and directly into the ground.

Designed for FOTAS, for perimeter security