SFP28 Transceivers

The 28 Gbps series are hot pluggable modules expressly designed for high speed communica¬tion applications that requiring rates of up to 28 Gbps. The transceivers are manufactured with LC receptacle that is compatible with the industry LC connector standard. All SFP28 transceivers have the digital diagnostic monitor feature.

Active Optical Cable – 28 Gbps

SFP28 Active Optical cable to provide an affordable, high-performance, low power approaches when connecting point-to-point or rack-to-rack. The SFP28 to SFP28 Active optical cable provide data rates of up to 28 Gbps and at distances of up to 100 meters on OM3 Multimode fiber. AOC is electrically hot-pluggable compliant to SFF-8431 and RoHS. Power dissipation < 1.5 W (per cable end).