OMK-SR-FSK.2 Fusion Splice Kit

OMK-SR-FSK.2 Fusion Splice Kit

Code NATO: 1583G
KČM: 0062416401587

The OPTOKON optical Splice Kit OMK-SR-FSK.2 includes an automatic fusion splicer OSC-700 for SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS (G655), EDF and other fibers. The OSC-700 is capable of ensuring high-quality splicing even in the most unfavorable environment conditions. The OSC-700 splicers are suitable for core or cladding alignment. Using one of these methods the two cleaved fibers are automatically aligned by the fusion splicer in the X, Y plane, then are fused together. The bare fiber area is protected either by recoating or with a splice protector. A splice protector is a heat shrinkable tube with a strength member and less loss.
The Splice Kit OMK-SR-FSK.2 is intended for the quick repair of damaged or broken mobile tactical optical cables, it includes all necessary splicing tools.  The Kit tools are housed in a rugged case. 


Core Alignment (PAS Technology)

Applicable fibers

SM, MM, DS, NZDS, G655, G657 and others

Fiber Diameter

Cladding Diameter: 80-150 µm; Coating Diameter: 100-1000 µm

Fiber Cleaver Length

8-16 mm

Splicing mode

Auto, Manual

Heating mode

User programmable

Typical Splice loss

SM 0.02 dB, G.657: 0.02 dB, MM 0.01 dB, DS/NZDS 0.04 dB

Return loss

60 dB

Tension test

2.0 N

Protection sleeve length

20-60 mm

Splicing time

7 sec.

Heating time

13 sec. typ.

Splice Memory

8 000

Operating Condition

Operating Altitude: 0-5000 m, 0-95% relative humidity, temperature -10 to +50°C,

Max Wind 15 m/s

Storage condition

0-95% relative humidity, temperature -40 to +80°C


Czech, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian,
Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese


4.3” Color High Resolution Display

Fiber View & Magnification

X, Y, XY, X/Y : 350 Magnification


USB, suitable for data download and software update

Electrode Life

At least 5000 times

Battery Capacity

More than 250 times of continuous splices and heats

Power Supply

Internal Li-Battery, DC adaptor


122 (L) x 122 (W) x 130 (H) mm


2.0 kg (Include battery)


OSC-700 Fusion Splicer

Fiber Cleaver

Charger Adapter

Carry Box


Pare Electrodes

Cooling Tray

Drop Cable Stripper

Fiber Stripper




Carry Belt




Outside dimensions: 390 x 320 x 210 mm (W x D x H) 


OMK-SR-FSK.2 - Fusion Splice Kit