CS Patchcord

The CS® connector was introduced as a replacement to current duplex LC connectors which are too big for newer generation transceiver interfaces and to increase the connector density in patch panels. The CS® connector is operated with a push-pull mechanism having two cylindrical, spring-loaded 1.25 mm ferrules, within a single housing. The CS® connector’s two ferrules are pitched at 3.8 mm apart, which is the minimum possible spacing to meet today’s TOSA and ROSA optics requirement. The CS® connector can be used with 2 mm jacketed cable.
CS® Connector Designed for next generation 200/400G transceiver QSFP-DD and OSFP

SN Patchcord

The SN® connector is a new duplex optical fiber connector designed for Data Center 400G optimization. The SN® connector was designed to provide individual and independent duplex fiber breakout at a quad style transceiver (QSFP, QSFP-DD, OSFP) as a more efficient, increased reliability, and a lower cost alternative than the MPO connector. SN® has two LC style 1.25 mm diameter zirconia ferrules in a single housing, pitched 3.1 mm apart vs 6.25 mm in a duplex LC connector.
The SN® connector supports up to 2.0 mm jacketed cable

LC Patchcord

The innovative LC design offers a form factor one-half the size of current industry standards, and simple features create a new definition of user-friendliness.
The LC connector is manufactured to meet EIA/TIA 568A, FOCIS 10, IEC 61754-20 and IEC 11801 specifications for optical performance and intermateability. The LC Duplex fits into the RJ-45 standard cutout and uses the smallest diameter cable jacket in the industry.

LX.5 Patchcord

The industry's most reliable small-form-factor fiber optic connector. Doubling capacity is easy with the LX.5. By allowing two fibers instead of one to fit into the standard SC adapter footprint, the LX.5 doubles the density of fiber termination equipment. The LX.5 was developed with carrier-class reliability to ensure network integrity. Available in simplex or duplex configurations, the LX.5 maintains single circuit access and incorporates safety shutters on both the connector and adapter body to provide protection from dust, dirt, and ferrule end-face handling damage. The connector also features a latching mechanism that effectively releases the connector from the adapter. Its user-friendly and intuitive design prevents cables from snagging at the back of the connector.

MU patchcord

The MU high density fiber optic interconnection system offers a new solution for high performance telecommunications networking. The MU connector is at least half the size of the standard SC connector. It can offer twice the port density, but all the optical performance of traditional fiber optic connectors. The MU system includes a complete range of multimode and singlemode.